How Can We Prevent Hackers From Hacking Our Social Media Accounts

Hackers seem to be taking over everything. The internet is no longer a safe place for anyone. Luckily there are some things to do to help prevent your social media account from being hacked. These are some ways to protect your social media account from hackers.


Do Not Answer Unknown Messages

If you get a message from someone you do not know or someone that you have not heard from in a while do not click on it. Open a new message and ask them if they meant to send it to you. If you click on the message you may be allowing hackers into your account.


Check the Grammar


If a person has sent a message with poor grammar it is often a hacker. While grammar is not usually perfect and people do use abbreviations often there are some grammar mistakes but obvious mistakes include the misuse of the word seen and other red flags.


Change Your Password


In order to keep hackers out of your social media account, you should check your password every so often. Every three to four months you should select a new password. Do not set your account to auto-login or save your password. Do not select passwords that you use for your other accounts. Every account should have a different password. If you select the same one you are asking for big trouble.


Check the Apps


When using social media accounts to look at easy rice pudding recipe or random things, there are some apps that are linked to your page. If you use the apps that is fine. You need to check the apps often to make sure you have authorized all of them. You also need to change your password for each of these apps. If you do not use an app or do not recognize it, delete it.


Report All Issues Immediately


If you feel that someone has used your social media account or something does not look right make a report right away. Let the social media site know about it so they can look into it. You should then check your pages for unauthorized apps and to be on the safe side change all of your passwords.


Remember Your Mobile Device

If you use social media on your mobile phone and most people do remember to log in when you are using the site and log out once you are done. Do not save your password or have the phone on auto login.




When you type in a website you are used to typing in http before the site address. Remember to put the s at the end. This means that the site is secure. There are many social media sites that are allowing this and recommend it.


These are some tips to help you keep your social media account safe. Hackers are using social media accounts to gain access to your information. Like all of your other online accounts, it is important to take steps to keep hackers out of your social media profiles and accounts.